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A few days ago, I saw an annual report released by FBI, which showed that 118 officers were killed in the line of duty in 2016.

You are respectable for taking one of the most dangerous jobs in US , where there is no control over using guns. I believe that it is not about the money they earned from the job, but it is your integrity, reverence for law and the love for American people driven you to choose this dangerous job to serve the country and the people, even at the cost of your lives.

I always admire and applaud of you. Just like all the other law enforcement officers all over the world, they guard the honor of this occupation and live up to their oaths.But I cannot understand the recent actions taken by FBI or some FBI executives.

Guo Wengui, a Chinese fugitive, had been charged with serious crimes, such as fraud, rape and bribery according to Chinese law . He had framed his former partner Qu Long, who was later imprisoned for 6 years. He had even bribed the prison guards to give Qu Long unfair treatment . Interpol had issued a “red notice” seeking the arrest of Guo Wengui. even after fled to the US, he violated the law and was suspected of many wrong doings, such as bribery, eavesdropping, sexual abuse, etc..

So far as I know, some US officials do not like Chinese government for ideological reasons.

I also know that some individuals have spoken out against President Donald Trump for different political stance.

Every one is created equal. We have every right to speak up a counter-view against a country and a government. But the premise is that we can not oppose for the sake of opposition, and give up justice and abandon faith for the sake of opposition.

It is obvious that Guo Wengui has been used as a bargaining chip by some FBI executives for political reasons or in their own interests, which will no doubt damage FBI’s good name and discourage the law enforcement officers’ faith in law and pursuit of justice.

Since I am an bystander, I have no right to comment on this issue.

However, I wonder its there any justice left when Guo Wengui is deliberately left unpunished just for the reasons of political stance or ideology? Is it fair for the victims? Is it a respect for law? Is it fair for the 118 FBI special agents who have lost their lives for the heroic cause of protecting social fairness and justice? Don’t let the victims down and let the heroes die in vain!

According to my opinion, the latest Wall Street report with regard to Guo Wengui indicates the involvement of FBI in Guo’s issue, which is not a support for Guo himself, but to express the discontent for the government, the President or the opposition party.

When I realized this, I couldn’t help shedding heartbroken tears.

I,once a fan of FBI, have never thought that FBI would become a tool for personal interests or political needs instead of being victim-centered and law-oriented nation guard.

One has every right to choose his political stance and faith. However, after becoming a law enforcement officer, he has none but one faith—that is the law. And anyhow, he cannot push his own political faith by virtue of enforcing power, which is given by the people, let alone seek personal interests.

When the law enforcement is affected by political ideology, can it be fair? Can it stand for the interest of all American people? Can a law enforcement officer just sit by indulging the criminal to violate the law only for political reasons?

For me, FBI was once an altar of heaven in law and morality, out of my reach. However, in the case of Guo Wengui, FBI has shown no spirit of law and has not endeavored to pursue a better life for both American and Chinese people and to safeguard the interests of the American people and the country. On the contrary, only shortsighted personal lust and disregard of common progress are outpouring.

These dishonorable actions of FBI make me heartbroken……

Peace and co-development are the irresistible main theme of the Morden world. I strongly appeal for the once world famous FBI, who was able to stand on the global ground with a wider perspective, who was always stand with the law, who believed that china and US can holding hands facing problems such as the threat of war, environmental protection, improving people’s livelihood and profection the law enforcement, who should protect the spirit of the brave sacrificed heroes of their own, to re-bear the responsibilities of the law, to return the altar of heaven in morality and justice.

Guo’s return to China is not a compromise of one party or one government but the compliance with the law.

This letter is dedicated to FBI, to those people who were once my idols.

Written by @TwiZhanJ, a believer in law.






















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